Stephane Gantchev – LAUNCHub – Bulgaria

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Stephane Gantchev
Partner, LAUNCHub
Sofia, Bulgaria

After 15 years in the IT and Telecom sector, Stephane Gantchev has shifted towards venture capitalism by becoming Partner of LAUNCHub. It is a seed fund that supports promising entrepreneurs and digital startups from Southern to Eastern Europe, and has invested over 3.5 million Euro in 47 startups from 9 countries since 2012.

Investments made by the company can go up to 200,000 Euro and are injected in innovative businesses across the tech sector.  The startups that LAUNCHub invests in need to have a final product, a good understanding of their market, and some initial traction. LAUNCHub also provides the businesses with services besides investment, such as mentoring and coaching, as well as access to a network of experts, tech vendors and investors.

LAUNCHub has added 120 founders to their portfolio and attracted over 4 million Euros of co-investment funding for the businesses.  As a result, when a startup joins them, they gain knowledge and skills from experts, the ability to grow their business through sound advice and build on successful investments. LAUNCHub provides young companies with the momentum they need to grow and flourish into successful businesses.

From working in the technology industry to enabling its future game-changers, Stephane Gantchev has positioned himself as true visionary and reference in his field. He has taken his involvement even further by recently giving his first angel investment to FlippTV, an app that lets users stream videos from their phones to their TV.

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