Tom Fletcher Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Lebanon

Tom Fletcher graduated with a First class BA and an MA in Modern History. He enjoys political history, cricket (Strollers CC), mountains, and is the co-founder of 2020 (a progressive think tank).

Before becoming Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Tom was Foreign Policy Adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron, and Private Secretary for Foreign Affairs to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Tom believes that 21st century diplomats should be digital interventionists, after all, the best diplomacy has always been about action not reportage. Having stepped into the digital age himself, he would like to bring along the state. Tom is an advocate of digital diplomacy and a keen supporter of state strategies to support doing business in a world now run by networks.

Ambassador Fletcher posts on Lebanon and the Middle East on this site and on innovative statecraft on his personal blog the Naked Diplomat – Foreign Policy without the Frills. He is of course on Twitter as well @HMATomFletcher