Paul Papadimitriou Founder of Intelligencr

Paul Papadimitriou Founder, Intelligencr

Paul Papadimitriou is the founder of Intelligencr, an innovation scouting firm. He advises companies on how to understand the new consumer and the technologies of tomorrow—most recently for the launch of a mobile ecosystem in China.

Paul believes a new citizen is emerging, with emerging values, enhanced by emerging technologies. How we transact, learn, consume, communicate, work—how we live and love—is being altered. With a truly global outlook, he studies the key signifiers in this crowded space—economics, culture, behavioral studies, politics—and surfaces what is important, what isn’t and what it all means.

He is a Swiss, a Greek and a Finn. His homes have included Tokyo, Manila and Geneva. Lobbyist turned storyteller, he has given keynote speeches on four continents, appeared on The Economist, ABC, TF1, ABS-CBN or the Japan Times. Companies like Microsoft, Fujitsu, Canonical, SABMiller, Criteo, Tumblr or Siemens have trusted him to challenge them.

Paul resides in London, tweets at @papadimitriou, runs TheDigitalLoop podcast and loves chocolate.