Jean Nehme Founder & CEO of Touch Surgery

Jean Nehme is a plastic surgeon, CEO and co-founder of Touch Surgery. Having completed his undergraduate medical training in London he embarked on a career in academia and surgery, where firsthand he experienced the limitations of healthcare.

During his surgical training he undertook a part-time Masters in Surgical Technology at Imperial College London. His work awarded him a distinction, academic papers, awards and presentations at a multitude of international meetings. His research at Imperial included the application of virtual reality simulation to surgery and robotics. This was a natural marriage of his greatest passions- technology and healthcare, driven by a desire to build globally scalable solutions.

Upon completing his degree and whilst a resident in plastic surgery, he began building with Andre Chow technology that was to become Touch Surgery. Realizing the potential of a scalable technology to have a widespread impact on surgical training and ultimately patient outcomes Jean co-founded Touch Surgery with Andre.

In early 2013 Jean and Andre were awarded a position at a leading accelerator program in New York City to build out a vision for Touch Surgery. Since then Jean has raised funds from leading venture capital groups in the US and UK.Touch Surgery in 18 months has grown to over 40 people, with diverse expertise from world class animation to game and data technology. The Touch Surgery Lab is based in London and New York City. Jean has raised an undisclosed amount of funds to build out technology that has the potential to change surgery and ultimately improve patient outcomes globally.